Parenting a Free Child: An Unschooled Life  by Rue KreamWith a loving heart, generous openness, and the absolute conviction born of experience and observation, Rue is offering both practical suggestions and a paradigm stretching point of view to anyone seeking a greater understanding of a daily life of Unschooling with joy. I personally can’t think of a single question that is not covered somewhere. The format is easy to read, full of warm anecdotes, challenging ideas, and the core idea that the heart of Unschooling is parenting with absolute Trust. ~Robyn L. Coburn, unschooling mom of Jayn


“It's simple, but not easy.”   Without even leaving home, your life can change all kinds of ways.  Relationships between parents and children can go from rough and antagonistic to peaceful, productive and sweet.   It's not easy, changing one's life for the better, but this book shows that it's simple.  ~Sandra Dodd, unschooling mom of Kirby, Marty and Holly


I can imagine that some might think that such a life with children is just too good to be true. But I know from my own experience that it is possible! Take her advice to heart!  ~Kelly Lovejoy, unschooling mom of Cameron and Duncan


The most useful book published for new unschoolers since The Unschooling Handbook.  Rue addresses clearly and persuasively the most common questions and objections in an easily accessible format. The personal experience and conviction brought to each answer shines through along with her deep love and respect for her children. I'd recommend this book to anyone embarking on an unschooling lifestyle or wondering how to counter objections from family or friends.  ~Danielle Conger, unschooling mom of Emily, Julia, and Sam





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